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Monday, February 11, 2013

Hi there :)

Just took a look at your html (that question mark is most likely from php, and i think youve allready solved it, i couldnt find it) 

line: 202, this element <body id="bhome">
in your css you or the one who made that css before you, uses selectors like:
  body#bhome li#lhome a {//}
and your mexico page also has an id of bhome, so there is no css rule to change the button's background color
so just add a new body class and a corresponding css rule for the mexico page and your done.

You said youll be redesigining the html/css, might i advise you not to use that technique for yourself.
Your a lot better of using css classes to set a state.

Instead of making the body change id's and having to name all buttons, you can instead add a class name to the active button

#navigation .active {//}

and lastly, not your css i know, but those css selectors are not very efficient
body#bhome li#lhome a
#bhome, should mean the same as body#bhome, just like li#lhome
use id's spasely and only on container elements.
there should be no need to name buttons with an id, it also doesnt add any semantical meaning
a css selector with 2 id's in it is most likely wrong
use tools like yslow (firefox) to find bad css selectors

good luck :)

On Sunday, February 10, 2013 7:39:44 PM UTC+1, zalel wrote:
I am designing a new website for someone, but in the meantime I have to make a few changes in the existing site. 

The first link is what their pages look like now. http://panafricanacupuncture.org/index.html

The second link is a new page I made. http://panafricanacupuncture.org/mexico2013.html

The third link is an alternate version of the new page. http://panafricanacupuncture.org/mexico2013.html. There is also a question mark "?" at the top of the page, just to the left of the white border. I do not see this in the source code. 

If you look at the navbar, you can see that the button for PROGRESS TO DATE is in the Down state. I did a Save As and added a new <li> for the new button, so I figured that was the cause. When I looked at the CSS, I could not see what to change, in order to make the MEXICO button display the Down state. 

Next, I took the Index page, and made the changes again. Now, the Down state does not appear for the Mexico page, nor the Progress to Date page. 

What am I overlooking? 


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