Re: Element to which Class added dynamically has become unclickable

Monday, April 15, 2013

I've been writing JavaScript since about 2000, and it seems to have changed a lot since I started.

If I were trying to do this using HTML 4 DOM, I'd use the attribute to move the interior block slowly up by subtracting a small amount from it over time. I'd use the window.setInterval method to generate a stream of events as a time base. Perhaps jQuery has a built in "move element" function you could use, just like the fadeOut method you are already using.

I wrote an arcade game I called "Space gravel"-->
It uses HTML 4 DOM with JavaScript sprites to move the images around the screen.

Finally, in the CSS section of your fiddle, you have a class name "#groundDiv". Me thinks you want this to be ".groundDiv" (pound symbol becomes period)

Happy fiddling...

On Sunday, April 14, 2013 11:10:20 AM UTC-4, Serendipity wrote:

I have created a elevator functionality [there are 2 floors and corresponding to each one , there is a checkbox. Depending upon which checkbox is checked, the elevator shud move to that floor.

Couple of things which i'm not sure how to implement are:

  1. wherever i have added class "unchecked" dynamically, the element looks as if it is not clickable. How do i make it clickable?

  2. How to slow down speed of the Orange color elevator when it moves and stops at levels
    where checkbox is checked?

The fiddle is available at : 

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