Re: [Design with CSS 3793] Re: box confusion

Sunday, July 14, 2013

On Saturday, July 13, 2013 6:49:28 PM UTC+2, rusi wrote:

On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 2:25 PM, Paul Scheltema <> wrote:
Hi there,

On Thursday, July 11, 2013 6:28:07 PM UTC+2, rusi wrote:
Hey Paul
Thats a thoughtful and detailed answer -- thanks!
css is so immense to start with, and it totally makes no sense when starting with it. Even reading up about the box model you talk about bit later on, its still not logical, but hold on, it will make sense if you stick with it, 

Thanks. LOTS of stuff to think/try/explore.
Need to do that before saying more...

Just one small question for now -- resets.
I really have no much sense of what a reset is. However I gather there is some religious war going on -- resets are good vs resets are bad.
Now in my original case I guess if I had reset all margins default to 0 then that problem would not have occurred (or showed up?).
just like you said, many pro's and cons for sure.

I generally dislike those "pure"reset css sheets myself, but some ppl can work with them just fine.
Just consider the use-case of the resulting layout.

Like when someone was to add some content to your layout with an editor, or just simple html tags, in such a case youll want the ul-li etc. to have their default margins paddings, the same with h1...6 p, span etc.
so when resetting make sure your default text-tags still render as expected and provide a good basis for the content to be readable.
preferably someone can just use the default tags with no additional classes to create an "article" trough an editor or just in plain text. Bootstrap is strong in that regard.

And with useing all those less files i normally do, you can make everything class-name based. 
so like in your example when resetting an ul-li id use a class named "list" and add 
.list {margin...} .list li, .list dh, .list dd {margin...}

to my styles, that way you can just appoint something to be of the list-type and it will have the styling you mean it to have. 

my style of html/css is more declarative. i have general and specific css classes and in the html i can at every point tell it how i want it to display.
just take a look at the html/css of facebook to see what something like that looks like. they use many many class names in the html and usually only 1 css rule per selector.
that way youll hardly ever have unused css and can make any design in html without going back to the css. also when you ahve good designers theyll design a house/site-style and you can just implement that in css.

So what's the good advice for using resets?
well my advice would be not to reset html elemetsn but use class names for it, leaving you with choise wether to use it at a certain point in the design or not.
be carefull adding css to html tags.

a good example is h1,2,3 tags, youll generally use them to denote some content, but sometimes its wiser seo-wise to use a h2 instead of a h1 at a certain location. if youd used class names you could just tell the h2 to behave as your h1 by giving it the appropriate class name.


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