JavaScript Problem Updating Dynamically Created Form

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I have been pondering with this issue for a while.  I leave it and work around it but still have to come back to it  to get it working. 

I am dynamically creating CC which works fine each CC created give you an option to update the CC or delete it which either
when click on the button give you a popup dialog box in which you can delete or update.  I'm having an issue with the update.

When I try to update the first CC created it will update but if I try to update it again or any other CC created after it gives
me the information from the first update.  I have tried giving the form different names using an array I have given unique ids
and still I get the same result information from the first card updated for every card I try to update.  I can't figure out
what else I can do.  If I stepping on something or what.  Code sample below The update should allow a user to update
the card description and the month and year of expiration of card

 var itemCount = 0; //global variable
  var formupdateCounter = 0;
  var ccsummaryCount =0;
  var btnCount = 0;
  var regupdatecounter =0;
  var newccCount = 0;
  var nnextDivCounter = 0;
  var descCount = 0;
  var newdiv = 0;
  var submit =0;
  var confirm = 0;
  var thisForm = 0;
  var dialog = 0;
  var exp =0;
function registerCreditCard(){
  alert("Is it getting here");

 /********This code should do some DOM creatiaon of elements capturing imformation from
          form to add to My Credit Cards tab*******************************************/
  var card=  document.creditCardRegister.cardNumber.value;
  des = document.creditCardRegister.description.value;
  var expmonth = document.creditCardRegister.expirationMonth.value;
  var expyear = document.creditCardRegister.expirationYear.value;
  var spechar ="/";
  var monthyear = expmonth+spechar+expyear;
  var cshadow = new String('************', card.length - 4)
                  + card.substring(card.length - 4);
 /*This grabs all of the info from the form(creditCardRegister)*/

//This is for My Credit Cards Tab
 var element = document.getElementById("creditCards");                     

 var parent= element.parentNode;

var node=document.createTextNode("Card Number:" +cshadow+ " " + "Expiration:" + monthyear);

  var para2 = document.createElement("p"); ="paragraph2";"relative"; "-10px";
  var nnode = document.createTextNode("Card Description:"  + des);
 //Create button Dynamic
   var button = document.createElement("button");
    button.setAttribute("id", 'btn' + ++btnCount);
    // ="btn";      //need a counter
    button.className ="ui-button ui-widget ui-state-default ui-corner-all ui-state-hover ui-button-text-only";
    button.innerHTML ="Update";
    button.onclick = function() {                      // Note this is a function   Calling function updatebutton
        alert("creating form and dialog"); 
 /**************Create Update Form******************/
  var element2 = document.getElementById("creditCards");   
   var parent2= element2.parentNode;
     itemCount += 1;
    alert("What is the count Now" + itemCount);
    var newElement = document.createElement('div');
    newElement.setAttribute("id", 'updateCC' + itemCount);   
      alert(" Trying to see What is the count Now" + itemCount);
    var nextDiv = document.createElement('div');
    nextDiv.className ="dialogWrapper";
    nextDiv.setAttribute("id", 'updateCCDialog' + ++dialog);
    alert("Appending Divs");
    var dynamicforms = new Array("dynamic1","dynamic2","dynamic3","dynamic4");
    var regupdateForm=document.createElement('form'); =  "dynamicforms[thisForm]";
    regupdateForm.setAttribute("id", 'regupdate' ); 
    regupdateForm.className = "formupdate";

    alert("Start of form name creation count" + dynamicforms[thisForm]);
     var newdes = " ";
    var form_Msg = document.createElement('p');
    var msg_Node =document.createTextNode("Are you sure you want to update this card?");
    var firstInput = document.createElement('input');
    firstInput.setAttribute("id", 'comfirmupdate' + confirm); = "description";
    firstInput.setAttribute("value", newdes);
    alert("Trying to see what is des" + newdes);
    firstInput.setAttribute("style"," position:absolute; left:150px; top:30px;");
    firstInput.value =newdes;//getvalue from document.creditCardRegister.description.value;
    firstInput.type ="text";
    firstInput.required ="true";
    var formLabel =document.createElement('label');
    formLabel.setAttribute("for", description);
    formLabel.innerHTML = "* Card Description: ";
    formLabel.setAttribute("style"," position:absolute; left:18px; top:37px;");
      alert("Start of form creation 0");
    alert("Is this append working for formInput");
    var nextLabel=document.createElement('label');
    nextLabel.innerHTML = "* Expiration: ";
    nextLabel.setAttribute("style"," position:absolute; left:18px; top:65px;");
    var month = new Array("January","Februray","March","April","May","June","July","August","September","October","November","December")
    var selectMonth =  document.createElement('select'); "expirationMonth";
    // = "expirationMonth";
    selectMonth.setAttribute("id", 'expirationMonth' + ++exp);
    selectMonth.className = "expirationMonth";
    selectMonth.setAttribute("style"," width:80px; position:absolute; top:65px; left:150px;");
     for(var i=0;i<month.length;i++)
          var mt = i;
          mt = document.createElement('option');
  var selectYear = document.createElement('select');"expirationYear";"expirationYear";"expirationYear";
      selectYear.setAttribute("style"," width:80px; position:absolute; top:65px; left:240px;");
       for(var i=2013; i<=2024; i++)
          var yr = i;
          yr = document.createElement('option');
    alert("Start of form creation2");
    alert("Start of form creation3");
    var nnextDiv = document.createElement('div');
    nnextDiv.className ="UpdateCreditCardActions";
    nnextDiv.setAttribute("id", 'updatecc' +  ++newdiv);
     var formbuttonUpdate = document.createElement('button');
    formbuttonUpdate.setAttribute("id", 'updateformbutton');
    formbuttonUpdate.setAttribute("style"," position:absolute; left:295px; top:130px;");
    formbuttonUpdate.type= "submit";
    formbuttonUpdate.innerHTML ="Update";
    formbuttonUpdate.onclick = function() {
    alert("Inside form update function");
                                var newdes = document.forms['dynamicforms[thisForm]' ].description.value;
                                alert("Inside update form what form name" + dynamicforms[thisForm]);
                                                                                                                                                                                      *****************This function is where I'm running into my issue I continue to get same information
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    from first update*****************************************
                                alert("Inside formupdate what is description" + newdes);
                                var updateMonth = document.forms['dynamicforms[thisForm]'].expirationMonth.selectedIndex;
                                alert("form is this working");
                                var getMonth = document.forms['dynamicforms[thisForm]'].expirationMonth.options[updateMonth].value;
                                alert("Am I getting the month" + getMonth);
                                var updateYear = document.forms['dynamicforms[thisForm]'].expirationYear.selectedIndex;
                                var getYear= document.getElementById("expirationYear").options[updateYear].value;
                                  alert("Is year part working"+ updateYear);
                                 /**Need to call original form to get card number***/
                                alert("Am I getting card number" + card);
                                var spechar ="/";
                                var monthYear2 = updateMonth+spechar+getYear;
                                var ccshadow = new String('************', card.length - 4)
                                   + card.substring(card.length - 4);
                                  alert("Am I getting to yeare" + getYear);
                                  var newDescription ="Card Description: ";
                                  nnode.nodeValue =newDescription + newdes;
                                  var cardNumber ="Card Number:";
                                  var cardExpiration = "Expiration:";
                                  alert("where is it bradking");  
                                  node.nodeValue =cardNumber + ccshadow + " " + cardExpiration + monthYear2;
                                  $("#updateCC" + itemCount).dialog("close");
                                   alert("Is counter working in update" +  itemCount);
                                        //alert("trying to seet what is array name" + dynamicforms[a]);
                                        confirm +=1;                      
                                        regupdatecounter +=1;
                                       thisForm += 1;
                                       a +=1;
                                   };  //End of Update Dialog
********************There is more code to this huge function but not relevent*********************************************  .

I would really appreciate your help I traced through it until 3 am this morning nothing I tried works:(  I need another set of eyes

Thank You In Advance


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