Re: JavaScript Form created dynamically with ability to make more forms form name does not work after first creation

Monday, November 18, 2013


I found out what the issue is.  I could kick myself for not turning on the debugger.  These small things can cause you to loose
and waste time and I'm perturbed. 

The was I had

document.formname.description.value;  //It seems this way would only work for the one form I created

should have been

document.forms["formname'] .description.value  //This will work even if the form has the same name


On Friday, November 15, 2013 1:49:37 AM UTC-6, wrote:

I thought my form update issue was a counter issue, so I created counters for my created elements.  Once I got the counters
working I realized that was not the issue.  Since that was not the issue I have been trying to figure out the reason behind this

I have a tool I'm developing it consist of a lot of forms which I have under control creating them dynamically.  The deli ma I have
now is that my application lets you update a form  which is a dialog box.  Everything works fine first time  but when I create another element
say a credit card and the user wants to update it  they click the update button and a dialog box pops up then you can make your changes
it works the first time but not after that.  I know its something with the form name which needs to be unique for each form as well as the id
I have a counter for the id tried to do something similar with the name but no luck.  I believe its something about unique name because I
have to call that form again onclick and that doesn't work the second time either

Here is the code
 This is in the main function
function creation {
 var card=  document.creditCardRegister.cardNumber.value;   original form
  des = document.creditCardRegister.description.value;
  var expmonth = document.creditCardRegister.expirationMonth.value;
  var expyear = document.creditCardRegister.expirationYear.value;

*****************Form Creation**********************

var regupdateForm=document.createElement('form'); ="dynamicform";                                                            //This is the culprit it seems
    regupdateForm.setAttribute("id", 'regupdate' +   ++regupdatecounter );    // the counter is global
    regupdateForm.className = "formupdate";

var formbuttonUpdate = document.createElement('button');
    formbuttonUpdate.setAttribute("id", 'updateformbutton');
    formbuttonUpdate.setAttribute("style"," position:absolute; left:295px; top:130px;");
    formbuttonUpdate.type= "submit";
    formbuttonUpdate.innerHTML ="Update";
    alert("what is formupdate cout" + formupdateCounter);
    formbuttonUpdate.onclick = function() {
    alert("Inside form update function"); The second time onclick this is as far as it goes which leads me  to to know its document.dynamicform
                                                                       I tried giving a unique name but still it bombs. I have another function that uses this form name with
                                                                       very same issue second time around
      ************I make it to this function the first time everything works fine*********************************

                                des = document.dynamicform.description.value;
                                alert("updateform where is it breaking");
                                var updateMonth = document.dynamicform.expirationMonth.selectedIndex;
                                alert("form is this working");
                                var getMonth = document.dynamicform.expirationMonth.options[updateMonth].value;
                                alert("Am I getting the month" + getMonth);
                                var updateYear = document.dynamicform.expirationYear.selectedIndex;
                                var getYear= document.getElementById("expirationYear").options[updateYear].value;
                                  alert("Is year part working"+ updateYear);
                                 /**Need to call original form to get card number***/
                                alert("Am I getting card number" + card);
                                var spechar ="/";
                                var monthYear = updateMonth+spechar+getYear;
                                var ccshadow = new String('************', card.length - 4)
                                   + card.substring(card.length - 4);
                                  alert("Am I getting to yeare" + getYear);
                                  var newDescription ="Card Description: ";
                                  nnode.nodeValue =newDescription + des;
                                  var cardNumber ="Card Number:";
                                  var cardExpiration = "Expiration:";
                                  alert("where is it bradking");  
                                  node.nodeValue =cardNumber + ccshadow + " " + cardExpiration + monthYear;
                                                                $("#updateCC" + itemCount).dialog("close");
                                   };  //End of Update Dialog

} // funciton end

I continue to find the solution but I'm reaching out to be guided in the right direction only when I ponder for days

Thanking you in advance This has been a Challenge

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